Heart to God


Sunday Meetings (keeping it REAL)

Relevant messages

Engaging worship

Accepting fellowship

Love of everyone.  

All are welcome (including fears, doubts, and questions).


Womens Ministries

Paint Night: Mondays 7pm (will continue after Christmas)

Fellowship: Tuesdays 11:30am (Alternates between Smiths Falls and Perth)  See Events calendar for details and for special Women's events.


Men's Ministries

Men's Prayer, every Wednesday morning at 6:30am.  See Events Calendar or under More/Community tab for details.

Men's Breakfast:  Third Saturday of each month.  Next breakfast June 15th, 8am - cost  only $5 for full hot breakfast.   Special Guest:  Pastor David Stead, 1st Baptist Church

Men's Rally:  Thanks to all who attended this years inaugural event.  See you next year!

Expect to...

Feel at home...

We encourage a casual and friendly atmosphere of acceptance regardless of were you are in your life or faith journey.   

Join in

We believe that God's image is stamped on  us in many ways, including the talents we possess.  If you can sing, play a musical instrument, or feel comfortable speaking in public, we would love to provide you with opportunities to participate.



This week: The King is Coming (Rev 19 / 20

Arguably no other book of the Bible is as misunderstood, or has interpreted in so many ways, than the letter of John to the early church.  As we read through Revelation together, we will  take time to examine how and where some of these interpretations have arisen, but mostly we will attempt to hear John with the ears of first century Christians.  This letter is not just prophecy, but also pastoral, addressing a church being pressed from all sides by a culture whose values were very much opposed to those of the church of Christ.


Blood and Fire

Our Worship Team helps to lead worship each Sunday under the leadership of Scott Harland.  If you would like to be a part of this ministry please see Scott.

Scripture Reading

Everyone is given the chance to read the Bible text of the day as part of our practicing the priesthood of all beleivers.


The best sermon is a shared personal experience of God's grace and love.  We encourage any and all to share what God is doing in their lives, or even a struggle for which we can pray.


Our greeters are the face of our church, and everyone receives a warm welcome because everyone is welcome.

Movie Night

Make sure to check the calendar for the monthly movie night, featuring a family friendly movie and fresh popcorn.  Next move night:  February 27 at 6:30pm. 


The third Sunday of each month is a potluck gathering when we share in community following the Sunday meeting.