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Camp Sunday


Sunday, July 14

We had thirty-six young people attending camp this year (July 15-19), and on this Sunday we  distributed prayer cards for each youth, asking the recipient to uphold them in prayer throughout their week at camp: for safety, friends, and an encounter with Jesus.  And God is good.  Everyone returned home safely, including those who had to leave Camp a wee bit earlier than expected. 

Human Trafficking


Sunday, September 22

On this designated day of prayer we cry out on behalf of those trapped in the human trafficking industry: for victims, for those in positions of authority and for those who profit from the exploitation of those created in God's image.  Click on 'Position Statement' for link to the Salvation Army's official statement on Trafficking

Positional Statement



We will observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Sunday, November 3rd.  This is a sacred occasion for us to focus on our brothers and sisters in Christ who do not enjoy our freedoms, and who are even now going through the tribulation.  Join us in prayer. 

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