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August 2019

Two days of amazing Christian music and entertainment, plus the Guiness World Record Kilt Run takes place on Saturday, beginning at 5pm.  Visit freedomfestperth.com for details.

Doorways to the Cross


We celebrated Lent this year by reflecting on the various doors presented in Scripture, and the valuable life lessons that can be learned at this point of transition from one place to another.  

Game of Thrones


Beginning April 28 we will be diving into the history of Israel, drawing lessons from the Kings of Judah that followed Saul, David and Solomon.  

Other Events


Together for Adoption (and Fostering) Canada Conference


The Together for Adoption (and Fostering) Canada Conference is held  annually in different communities across the nation with the intention of  raising awareness while bringing together and equipping people who share a heart  for adoption, foster care and advocacy for vulnerable children. The conference  highlights the Biblical call for Christians to care for the fatherless. The  Together for Adoption Canada conference (T4A) provides an opportunity  for: 
 1) families considering adoption  or foster care to learn and get their questions answered;
2) families who have adopted or  are fostering to connect with others for support as well as to learn new  skills/strategies to better care for their children, families and themselves as  caregivers;
3) church members/ministry  leaders with a passion to learn more about the needs of children and families  and how best to support them and encourage others to do so as well; and  for
4) organizations and service  providers to introduce their services and connect with families, advocates and  ministry leaders.

This year it is being hosted at Northside Baptist Church in Waterloo, ON on  May 24-25.

Facebook: @t4acanad

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