The Gospel of Mark

"Give the Guy a Hand"


Mark 3:1-6

September 1

 It was very likely a place where he was well known, among friends and family. He was there every Sabbath, and likely felt the sting when it was pointed out that no maimed animals were acceptable for presentation to the Lord, or the admonition against anyone with a deformation or disfigurement from entering into the presence of the Lord. Perhaps in those moments he would unconsciously slide his hand up into his sleeve. However, on this day a new possibility was presented – Jesus was in the building, and he was calling to him, and asking the question: “Is there ever a time not to do good?”

"Lost in the Crowd"


Mark 3:7-12

  September 8

According to Mark, it was not unusual for Jesus to find himself pressed by a crowd. On this particular day he even had a limo waiting (ok, a boat) should he need to escape. One can only imagine the din of those gathered on the beach, some of whom didn’t like each other (even despised one another). For Jesus the concern was that his teaching was being lost in the crowd. We may not have a great many people pressing in around us, but there are a great many other things that crowd in around us. And, like Jesus, we don’t want his message to be lost in the crowd. 

"The Ultimate Team Sport"


Mark 3:13-19

 September 15

 Scouting reports for young hockey players often comment upon what said player does “away from the puck.” Even then, you see, they have a part to play in getting the puck to the net. In football, the quarterback needs his lineman, the running back needs his blockers and the receiver needs someone to get the ball to him. It is a team effort. The ultimate team sport though is not played on Sunday afternoon or in modern arenas. It is a twenty-four hour, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year after year task that even Jesus had to share with others.  

"Getting an Opinion"


Mark 3:20-30

September 29

In another crowd story, we are given the opinions of Jesus family and of the authorities regarding Jesus. His family was of the opinion he had lost his mind. The religious leaders were of the opinion that he was possessed by a demon—therefore lying. In a text that clearly presents the classic C.S. Lewis trilemma, perhaps it is time we made up our minds and come to the conclusion that he is neither a lunatic nor a liar, but is the Lord.

"Family Ties"


Mark 3:31-35

October 6  

The old photo albums of the past are slowly being replaced by digital photo frames. Common to both though is the contents—pictures of our kids, of our parents, or siblings and cousins—pictures of family. Even if it’s not family, it is likely to be pictures of that which is important. In one of his trademark ‘shocking statements’, Jesus at first seems to dismiss his family. However, rather than being a dismissal of his family, Jesus elevates and emphasizes another kinship – those who do the will of God. 

Special Guest


October 13, 20

Join us for worship as we welcome a special guest to bring the Word of God to us, as Majors Gary and Laurie enjoy furlough.

2019 Advent Theme

The Story

It was a land locked in a perpetual winter, where Christmas never came.  For our Advent theme this coming year we will turn to the land of Narnia, and will see the story of the Christ-child woven into the fabric of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

We look forward to having you join with us in a journey through the C.S. Lewis classic and draw out spiritual lessons on the first advent of the King.

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